M1 Garand vs Actual Navy Deep Dive Helmet!!!

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I love you Demolitia!!!!
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"Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from incompetech.com.
Outro music by MDK, noburn.info/id/video/mJPXZrCeYGxofqg.html
Runtime: 10:00


EliteSama - 5 timer siden
Fallout armor.....
The teal guest 666
The teal guest 666 - 5 timer siden
That M1 could be an heirloom you know
Alan Mossman
Alan Mossman - 5 timer siden
I feel like it someone who never watched demo ranch would think you are watching porn by all the words
JelaniLovesYT - 6 timer siden
Sweatyttv - 7 timer siden
Tell me why I only know the guns in the video is just from fortnite
DeadlyPlatapus - 8 timer siden
I own my grandfathers WW2 M1 still has "property of US army" on it i think its super super cool
Adam Call
Adam Call - 9 timer siden
Why didnt you do a yellow jacket after the lr?
Fierypickles - 9 timer siden
God i love the m1 grand. Best part of playing og cod2 american campaign.
Oz Smoken
Oz Smoken - 10 timer siden
Thought that was a real kid wearing merch 😂🤣😂
The Nolans
The Nolans - 11 timer siden
The helmet was designed to block bullets under water due to the soviets coming up
with a low caliber under water gun. So that’s why 22 dented the helmet.
Ree Toaded
Ree Toaded - 11 timer siden
that hellcat is pretty, 21a is life tho^
Ree Toaded
Ree Toaded - 11 timer siden
LOL 'STRIKE' - i envy you and love you at the same time bud.
VillainousMuse - 11 timer siden
"If it's clear, you can breathe it". I mean... You're not technically wrong, as long as you're not factoring survival in to the equation. O.o
Jeremy Miller
Jeremy Miller - 12 timer siden
do you know what the pressure of the water at 1000's of feet deep would do to the human body? 100's maybe 1000's are more for the robots to go. I love you anyway even if you are spreading false info. Yes there are a few examples of extreme dives on mixed gasses with a week spent in a decompression chamber to keep from dying from the bens but most are not over a couple hundred and sill require the mixed gases to keep your lungs inflated.
Bradley Jordan
Bradley Jordan - 13 timer siden
Wuts ur kd
Captain Vishnevski
Captain Vishnevski - 13 timer siden
HEY, this helmet can stop literaly any bullets that shots underwater, especialy underwater autorifles
dennis bryan
dennis bryan - 13 timer siden
I want a m1
Дмитрий Лялин
Дмитрий Лялин - 13 timer siden
Respect from Russia 🇷🇺 👏
свободовец Круглов
😄😄😄😄😄 какой контент
Мега СтройВитИнмарктЛТД
Разрушительное ранчо супер!!! Привет из Belarus!!!
Deep hug
Deep hug - 15 timer siden
lukedacherry 2
lukedacherry 2 - 15 timer siden
I hate how many people dislike this like if you don't like it don't watch it
Markidjani Vulle
Markidjani Vulle - 15 timer siden
You have become boring and predictible!
Markidjani Vulle
Markidjani Vulle - 14 timer siden
@Deep hug Maybe realy is murder practice site, maybe Matt is serial killer by night and youtuber by day??????
Deep hug
Deep hug - 15 timer siden
Imagine when someone just found out this place and thinking this place is a murderer practice location
one Phoenix
one Phoenix - 15 timer siden
Not enough gold M1
Cristian Gonzales
Cristian Gonzales - 17 timer siden
6:37 put it at 2x speed it makes it so much better
Himik - 17 timer siden
You need a gold M1 Garand!
Ivan Lz
Ivan Lz - 17 timer siden
Мэтт, протестируй этот шлем под водой
Fidel Persaud
Fidel Persaud - 18 timer siden
This dude really bored
Василий Сергеевич
Hi Matt! I think there is not enough PTRD-41. This is a very powerful anti-material rifle. 2 times more powerful .50 BMG.
Al Ko
Al Ko - 19 timer siden
супер, спасибо )
Denis_nik - 19 timer siden
Hi from Russia, Matt! Thank you for your videos, continue to cooperate with the Zebra channel. How about a new idea for video: how many matreschka do you need to stop bullets??
Gav Kelso
Gav Kelso - 20 timer siden
In world war 2 when the M1 was being used the Germans would learn that when they heard the ding from the M1 clip coming out it meant they were out of ammo and then they would use the chance to open fire. Eventually the g.i. soldiers figured out if u throw the clip on the ground It would trick them and the Germans would pop out and then would be easier to shoot.
Noah Cohen
Noah Cohen - 22 timer siden
“Premature ejection” demo ranch 2020
Caleb Losoya
Caleb Losoya - 22 timer siden
pre mature eject-ulation best use of malfunctioning equipment lol
Cole Williams
Cole Williams - 22 timer siden
I think that was a spare not a strike. 😂😂
pusher - 23 timer siden
normal ppl have fun with hobbys ,
amys have fun shooting weapons...
gottfer - 23 timer siden
m1 garand is such a nice weapon
Taj Misquitta
Taj Misquitta - Dag siden
Hydrogen Cyanide is pretty clear too. I'm quite sure we all can breathe that right?
Zeld9g l
Zeld9g l - Dag siden
Imagine when someone just found out this place and thinking this place is a murderer practice location
pathuli - Dag siden
Shooting Starts at 3:42
FPSking 888
FPSking 888 - Dag siden
Hi one week early
Yangus Cool
Yangus Cool - Dag siden
get a gold one
Jack Krosby
Jack Krosby - Dag siden
Scooter sucks thinks he is all cool making fun of people tiny powder and bullets why ain’t he exposed
Zycrexis - Dag siden
No bmg today. :(
Tanishq Patil
Tanishq Patil - Dag siden
*A movement of sci-elence for those who thought the model was real.......* 🤔🤦🏻‍♀️ʘ‿ʘ(θ‿θ)
Watari - Dag siden
in america they test that with real humans
Camron Wilson
Camron Wilson - Dag siden
Take a look at the M1D garand, its the sniper variant used in the 50s
Pro Sports Clips
Pro Sports Clips - Dag siden
took me 10 minutes to realize it was not a real human
Shirea - Dag siden
first 45 seconds i already can't breath! LMFAO
MJ - Dag siden
What about the quad hawk?
The_One_Titan - Dag siden
The most Sinful thing you can do in Call of Duty World War 2 is put the magazine onto the M1 Garand
Thomas Clemons
Thomas Clemons - Dag siden
Reincarnate creepy cooter
colban johnson
colban johnson - Dag siden
My lord... the m1 garand is a testament to American firepower. Can’t believe it was designed in 1928.
Doctor Doctor
Doctor Doctor - Dag siden
I don’t know why they maid it so bulletproof especially for that time it was in use. bullets don’t move under water
Army Lover
Army Lover - Dag siden
Who is the camera guy
Good Deal Dave
Good Deal Dave - Dag siden
Dude is ripped
No Name
No Name - Dag siden
“Premature ejection”😶
Void 10
Void 10 - Dag siden
That helmet was my dads helmet
JAVIER LIN - Dag siden
Real human pls real human
Max Hopkins
Max Hopkins - Dag siden
When my dad was 7 he shot my great grandpas m1 grand the one he used in the war. My dad ended up laying on his back😂 it was his first time shooting a gun
Scratch Derp
Scratch Derp - Dag siden
Yo adelantando el video con dobleclick(miro un carro callendo deun barranco) yo retrocediendo lo que adelante del video x'D
rajsandeep singh
rajsandeep singh - Dag siden
Bullets will have less momentum underwater
The Legend of Nissan GT-R
I thought there was a real guy with the helmet on the thumbnail
chickensfloat_ on_dirtbikes
0:59 whoah watch where you put your hands matt
Robert Hine
Robert Hine - Dag siden
You should remember that there's no water around the helmet
Be - Dag siden
Best intro ever!
т800 - Dag siden
Hello from Russia
_NoTReAlyz_ - Dag siden
Imagine You're in the woods and you see this guy with a lot of guns and trying to shoot a mannequin but you thought that was a man
Yukinoshta Yukino - Myggy-kun
7:16 When you knew your joke is really corny
Mr.ToffeeLeviathan - Dag siden
Under wanter bullets travel at a much slower velocity but at pressures that intense, I imagine even a .22 threatens to break the face shield.
David Branham
David Branham - Dag siden
Please invite lojo from lojo fishing out for a video
Валентин Петров
Обожаю этого парня. Огромный привет из РОССИИ.
Humr - Dag siden
8:25 Please next time get tank with H2 or O2 or C2H2.
Fabian Cruz
Fabian Cruz - Dag siden
Why do people pronounce 30-06 rounds as "thirty odd six" at least thats what it sounds like
Mr Crown
Mr Crown - Dag siden
HANDS UP THIS IS A- whats this card doing on the floor
Demolition: hands up this a robbery
Ed Murphy
Ed Murphy - Dag siden
Dude Sold out of swim trunks again! :(
Niki K
Niki K - Dag siden
I’d actually like to find a 308 garand. I’m curious how it performs compared to the normal 30-06 model.
I3lizZ3d - Dag siden
M1 Garand, what a beautyful sound dont like guns, but i love to see that more often in videogames :D
Logan Velarde
Logan Velarde - 2 dager siden
Who records when matt isn’t?
westgogi - 2 dager siden
You almost had me with the thumbnail